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The Atlanta Montego Bay Sister Cities Committee (the “Committee”) is a member of-an international organization with a branch in Atlanta, Georgia, and another in Montego Bay, Jamaica.  The Atlanta branch is one of eighteen such Sister Cities that fall under the umbrella of the Atlanta Sister Cities Commission (the “ASCC”).  The ASCC was chartered by the City of Atlanta (city Ordinance NO. 1979-71).  In turn the ASCC is affiliated with Sister Cities International, the international organization which controls sister cities relationships world wide and whose honorary chair is the President of the United States.

The relationship between Atlanta and Montego Bay was established in 1972 by formal declaration of the respective Mayors and City Councils of both cities.  It is the second longest relationship that exists between Atlanta and its eighteen sister cities.

Both the Atlanta and Montego Bay branches utilize the same business structure and operate in a similar manner.  The Committee is run by a Chairperson and has several sub-committees each of which is headed by a sub-committee chair.

Community Groups and Organizations Involved in our Health Mission

In conducting our mission, the United States-based members of the group are joined by our counterpart in Montego Bay.  While most of the physicians and nurses on our Mission reside in the United States, a significant number of participants are located in Montego Bay, Jamaica.  The Montego Bay branch of our committee selects the site and interacts with the local governmental agencies to ensure that our medical supplies make it through customs and for “duty-free” delivery.  They also identify local groups that provide the non-medical volunteers and arrange for the local Jamaican medical volunteers who join us in Montego Bay.  Over the years, local volunteers have been provided by the following organizations:

  • Jamaican Medical Association; Jamaica Nurses Association; Jamaica Pharmaceutical Association; Jamaica Dental Association
  • Cornwall Regional Hospital, Montego Bay;
  • The Montego Bay Seventh-day Adventist Church;
  • St. Johns’ Methodist Church Members

The local Professional Organizations provided members to assist in conducting our mission and undertake referral services for those patients who need follow-up care.  The Seventh-Day Adventist Church and St John’s Methodist churches provide non-medical volunteers to engage in crowd-control, direct patients to the appropriate stations and assist in administrative duties throughout the mission.

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Health Mission Statement

The Atlanta Montego Bay Sister Cities Committee Health Program’s mission is to expand the base of support for health programs directed to the under-served residents of Montego Bay by assembling the most qualified team of health professionals and delivering the most competent level of health service to the under-privileged residents of Montego Bay.

Focus on Children

One of our major goals is to bring much needed healthcare to the underserved children of Montego Bay. Children receive general health checkups, eye and dental care. Our providers are established pediatricians in the United States who have a genuine concern for children’s health care worldwide, but especially for Jamaican children.

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Atlanta Montego Bay Sister Cities Goals

The Sister Cities Committee goal is to foster relationships between Atlanta and Montego Bay under the guiding principle of Sister Cities International which is Peace Through People. The Committee is run by a Chairperson and has several sub committees each of which is headed by a Sub Committee chair.

Atlanta Montego Bay Sub Committees:

  • Cultural Affairs
  • Education
  • Fund Raising
  • Health and Human Services
  • Pubic relations
  • Technology Transfer
  • Tourism
  • Trade and Industry

Medical Activity

The Atlanta Montego Bay Sister Cities Committee (the “Committee”) has among its members a large number of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, dentists, researchers and health care consultants.  Recognizing that a large percentage of Montego Bay’s population was under-served with respect to their health care needs, our health committee decided to assist the local Montego Bay Government and health professionals in addressing the health service needs of this segment of the population.

Integral components of the health mission screening include the following: ear, nose and throat; blood pressure; height and weight; breast examination; blood glucose; hearing test; hemoglobin; hematocrit; optical examination and fitting of glasses; dental care; nutrition counseling; and sickle cell counseling.

Appropriate medications are made available through pharmaceutical sponsorships. These medications are distributed to clients by local pharmacists upon presentation of a signed prescription by a Committee doctor or a nurse practitioner


In summary, over the twenty-four years of the mission, we have served the medical needs of approximately 48,889 residents of Montego Bay and its surrounding area.  The value of this project to these residents is of major significance.  It is, therefore, our intent to continue with this effort into the indefinite future and in furtherance thereof, we are significantly advanced in our plans for the twenty-fifth mission which will take place in October 2018.

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Focus on Children



Jamaica Nursing Council         

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Medical Council of Jamaica

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Health Mission

The Atlanta Montego Bay Sister Cities Committee Health Program’s mission is to expand the base of support for health programs directed to the under-served residents of Montego Bay by assembling the most qualified team of health professionals and delivering the most competent level of health service to the under-privileged residents of Montego Bay.

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Funding And Fundraising Of Project

Financial support for our mission is undertaken by the members of our group. Contributions are generated from appeal to the Atlanta community.  Funds are also raised through several functions conducted throughout the year. The Committee also has several sponsors, chief of which is the Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport, which has supported our medical effort for several years.  Additionally, some of the medical goods and supplies are donated by several pharmaceutical companies in the USA.   Our counterpart in Montego Bay, in conjunction with the St. James Parish Council, assist in providing transportation and operating facilities for the group.

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Project Benefits

The Twenty-fifth annual medical mission to Montego Bay will be held the week of October, 2018.  Our mission team comprising of over 20 physicians, 13 nurses, a pharmacist and 10 non-medical professionals provide needed medical care to over 1,700 patients during the 4 days of the mission. Medical specialists that accompany the team include Gynecologists, Internists, Pediatricians, Ophthalmologists, Dentists, and a Pharmacist.

Health mission registration forms are designed to provide information on the program’s effectiveness, strengths, and weaknesses, and to elicit comments and recommendations from participants.  De-briefing sessions are held throughout the health mission to discuss various aspects of the experience.  Post health mission conferences are conducted the day following completion of the health mission to elicit comments and recommendations from volunteers.

Health Mission Objectives

The objectives of the health mission are:

  • To offer screening to detect illnesses that the residents of Montego Bay may not be aware of.
  • To offer sterilization to women needing tubal ligation surgery.
  • To provide education, counseling and physician referrals.
  • To conduct workshops designed to promote advanced health education for health professionals.
  • To conduct community outreach and immunize identified children against communicable diseases.
  • To enhance the professional skills of volunteers by providing a contextual, comparative, inter-disciplinary, and trans-cultural perspective of international health issues and their local implications for both consumers and providers of services.
  • To identify and procure medical supplies and equipment for the use and benefit of clinics and hospital in the Montego Bay Area