Medical Mission Team

Our mission team comprising of over 20 physicians, 13 nurses, a pharmacist and 10 non-medical professionals provide needed medical care to over 1,700 patients during the 3 days of the mission. Medical specialists that accompany the team include Gynecologists, Internists, Pediatricians, Ophthalmologists, Dentists, and a Pharmacist. The team also donates a significant quantity of the medicine and medical supplies to these patients.


Providers Page - Medical Mission Team

The one thing that stands out is the level of dedication of the medical team, a team which perseveres regardless of difficulties faced.


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Montego Bay Team

  • Mr. Fred Smith - Chair
  • Mrs. Metty Scarlett- Jones - Health Missions Chair
  • Mayor Homer Davis
  • Mr. Patrick Fletcher
  • Councillor Michael Troop
  • Andre Dixon
  • Delwin Rochester
  • Joy Clarke
  • Councillor Suzette Brown
  • Omar Robinson
  • Jasmine Tomlinson-Broyer
  • Wayne Cummings

Atlanta Team

  • Dr. Yvonne Smith - CEO
  • Dr. Dwight Blake- CFO
  • Dr. Curtiss Anderson
  • Dr. Clive Brown
  • Dr. David Gowdy
  • Dr. Nicola Chin
  • Dr. Osei Clarke
  • Dr. Karen Costley
  • Dr. Karyn Cumberbatch
  • Dr. Marjorie Denis
  • Dr. Deborah Haynes
  • Dr. Paul Lindo
  • Dr. Jerry Kirby
  • Dr. Garfield Neita
  • Dr. Lola Ogunbameru
  • Dr. Lisa Price
  • Dr. Marc Roberts
  • Dr. Bryan Smith
  • Dr. Chris Webb
  • Dr. Carmen Wilson
  • Mr. Adrian Dennis
  • Ms. Dawnett Dunbar
  • Ms. Pauline Erskine
  • Mr. Courtney Fray
  • Mr. Peter Grant
  • Mr. Michael Ingram
  • Ms. Sandra Mullings Ingram, C-ASWCM, ACM, CPC 
  • Mr. Lance Johnson
  • Mrs. Hazel Martin
  • Ms. Joyce Tomlinson
  • Ms. Beverly Williams
  • Ms. Marjorie Medder-pharmacist
  • Dr. Donald Hall
  • Ms. Virginia Austin, RN
  • Ms. Joycelyn Bayne, RN
  • Ms. Sharon Bryan- Grant, PNP
  • Ms. Claudette Cotterrell, FNP
  • Ms. Ayanna Glenn, RN
  • Ms. Sharon Curate-Ingram, RN, CCRP, BSN
  • Ms. Grace Dennis, RN
  • Ms. Phyllis Dennis, RN
  • Ms. Onika Davis, RN
  • Ms. Jacqueline Delisser RN
  • Ms. Abigail Edwards, RN
  • Ms. Rhonda Fulwood, RN
  • Dr. Marylin Hall, NP
  • Ms. Dawn Marie Lowery, PNP
  • Ms. Beverly McPherson, NP
  • Ms. Norma Mighty- Crespo, RN
  • Ms. Angela Samuels, NP
  • Ms. Claudette Robinson, RN
  • Ms. Winsome Thomas, RN
  • Ms. Yvonne Walcott, RN
  • Ms. Marcia Watson, NP
  • Ms. Marvet Wint, NP
  • Ms. Marjorie Wilson RN-nurse coordinator
  • Ms. Karen Wright, FNP
  • Ms. Necole Williams
  • Mr. Fenton Ingram, RT(R), CNMT, PET 

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